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A Game Room is a Family Room

by Craig Connelly

Your Game Room is a Family and Friend Magnet!

Your Game Room will become your family and friends gathering place. Many parents grew up with a billiard table in their home when they were growing up. They want to replicate that experience for their kids. They recall great times when their friends would come over and hang out at their house. Many parents want to create a family game room so their kids spend more time at home versus in someone else’s home or on the street.

Shuffleboard Table

This custom shuffleboard table is on display at Craig Billiards

For young adults having a game room in their home is a great way to entertain friends versus going out to a bar or club. Their home becomes the go to place to watch a game, shoot some pool and socialize with their friends.

The same goes for retired folks, they want the game room for both family and friends.  Creating a family game room often means that the grandkids come over to hang out more often.   It really makes for a more fun place to gather, and gives you something to do besides just watching TV or playing on your computer.

The great thing about a contemporary game room is that now you can have so much more than a pool table!  A custom or semi-custom pool table can be paired with a ping-pong conversion top to do double duty.  Adding a shuffleboard table is also a great idea, and with today’s custom designs, these tables are a work of art that adds beauty and value to your home.  Custom design means that your new shuffleboard table can match the decor of your home, whether it be traditional, modern, loft-inspired or vintage.

Stop by CRAIG BILLIARDS to see our line of in-stock, ready to deliver pool tables and shuffleboard tables.  It’s time to start working on your gathering place!